About Us


Lisa Tamati

Lisa is an ultra marathon runner, who having run more than 70,000km to date, has traversed on foot almost every major desert in the world, run the 2250km length of New Zealand in 42 days (averaging over 50km a day), and is among the top female ultra-athletes in the world. But she’s not just a runner. Her infectious smile, her ability to hold a room, and general love for life has made her a huge hit with her running fans, readers of her book and viewers of her TV shows.

Lisa’s personal story is one that legends are made of. She’s an asthmatic who was told that for her, sport would never be possible. She then suffered two broken vertebrae as a young adult, with doctors recommending fusing the broken vertebrae, she declined and decided she will do it her way. She was advised not to run. So, run she did, across many deserts and into history as an inspiration to tens of thousands of runners and non-runners alike. Inspiring because she isn't  a talented athlete but rather is a very very determined one. In her words, Gutsiness, courage and determination are the most important ingredients on the path to success whether its in sport, in business or in developing resilience in life.


Neil Wagstaff

Neil's passion for health and fitness is as strong as Lisa’s passion for running. Having spent over 20 years in the health and fitness industry helping a variety of clients in sport, gym, corporate and clinical settings Neil is fully committed to getting the world Running Hot. As a personal trainer and running coach, Neil understands how difficult it is to maintain a regular health, fitness and running routine and what it really takes to make a permanent change and achieve the goals you dream of.

Neil is also an ultra runner himself. He has completed 100km around Lake Taupo, a handful 50km events, many marathons, half marathons, 10km and 5km events. In addition to this he has completed three 12 hour rides on a stationary spin bike for charities and causes close to his heart. 

Neil owns Peak Fitness and Health in Havelock North, North Zealand with his wife Sam. You will find the Running Hot Coaching headquarters at the gym so drop him a message if you are in the area and want to book a 1:1 session to fine tune your running or join the weekly Run Club.


Carlos Kumeroa

Carlos has made the jump from Running Hot Coaching athlete to Coach. As a Personal Trainer he will be sharing both his experience and knowledge as a coach and athlete with you.

His journey started in 2013 after his father was diagnosed with cancer and it emotionally drove him to change the lifestyle he was living. His peak weight was 110kgs which categorised him as obese. He had high blood pressure, sleep apnoea and high cholesterol, all of which needed medication to stabilise him. All his dis-eases existed due his sugary, high fat and takeaway diet, working long hours and smoking a 30g of tobacco a week.

Between 2013-2014 he witnessed his father lose his battle with cancer and was emotionally driven to change his perspective on life and choose a pathway to improve his health and wellbeing.

Since then he has quailfied as a Personal Trainer, run his first marathon, completed his first Ironman, run a 100km at the inaugrual Taupo Ultramarathon and this year knocked off the Northburn 100 miler!

He still has plenty more stories and adventures to discover on his health and fitness jounery and intends to share them with all of you.