Focus on whats in your control


Is it in your control?

One of the best ways to approach a difficult endeavour whether its a sporting event, a business project or an academic goal is to focus on whats in your control. If it’s something you cant control, like the result of the game or the state of the market or the weather, stop worrying about it. Of course you should prepare for scenarios but once that preparation and planning is done, forget the uncontrollable and focus solely on what you can control. Anything else is wasted energy. and causes unnecessary stress. 

Think firstly - what else can I do to improve my chances, to do it better by controlling what I can.

Once you have learned to control your focus - concentrating on what you can do to better your chances, your situation, the next most important thing to learn is consistency. Its not what you do once, or for a day or a week but what you are prepared to do constantly. Keeping those standard ups, all  those small rituals that will help you get where you are wanting to be. It’s doing the daily grind of practice, of studying, of researching or whatever your goal is, whether someone is watching you or not. Doing these rituals and habits without stopping to constantly measure improvement as many of these things take time to develop to consolidate. An example  someone joins the gym to lose weight and tone up and after just a couple of sessions is expecting to see some result, they invariably won’t or they might for the first month but then there will be a period of time, maybe two months where nothing seems to be happening, they feel they are stagnating and when they measure, weigh, compare too often and don’t see motivating results they get disappointed and lose their motivation, where in actual fact inside the body changes are happening, things are improving, more muscles are developing or being recruited, etc etc they just aren’t measureable yet, but if they continue regardless they will in the third to fourth month start to see major differences. But many have given up too early, expecting immediate results. 

Create habits and rituals and a mindset or identity that will get you to the top.    

A master is not born he/she is honed from the thousands of small tasks, rituals, repetition and training that go into making one an expert,  while keeping an overall eye on the prize. Is this action I am taking, getting me an inch closer to my goal, or taking me further away from it? Scrutinising your actions to see if its part of the path that will get you there or not. 

Anyone can have a good day or a one off great performance but more important is your ability to  back that  performance up and that requires a consistent mindset, a mindset that concentrates on the present, not the what if’s and not past glories or failures. Its a mindset that is focused on the next step in the process. Focusing on being present no matter what the crisis might be, the problem you are facing or the obstacle you have on the road ahead. 
It’s looking for ways to get around those obstacles instead of stopping dead in your tracks and giving up.

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